More Attractions in Destin, FL

Why go anywhere else than Destin? Destin, FL is home to several exciting attractions and excursions. If you're looking for something on land, water or even the air, Destin has it! If you want even more attractions to choose from, check out the Destin Attractions Guide for more things to do in Destin.

Charter Boat Fishing

From red snapper to sand sharks, you can catch almost anything in Destin, FL. The World's Luckiest Fishing Village is your destination for some of the world's finest deep sea angling! Visit Destin Charter Fishing for more info.
Destin fl charter boats

dolphin cruises

From private cruises to family-friendly sightseeing yachts, dolphin cruises in Destin will put you face-to-face with bottle-nose dolphins and more! Visit Dolphin Cruises destin fl for more info.
dolphin cruises in destin fl

Sailing Charters

Sail the emerald green waters of Destin, FL in style aboard a sailing charter. Visit at Destin Harbor Sailing for more info.
sailin boats destin fl

Kayak Rentals

Paddle solo or with your closest friends and family on your very own kayak. Travel the harbor, bay, and many inlets of Destin, FL. Stop by Crab Island, or simply post up on a secluded beach for a day of sun and sand. Visit Kayaking Rentals Destin FL for more info.
kayaks in destin fl

Banana Boat Rides

Ride the banana boat in Destin for an extreme sport adventure. Visit Destin banana boating for more info.
banana boating in destin florida


Parasailing tours in Destin are a must-try activity for any Florida vacationer. Fly at heights of over 500ft with one or two of your best buds! Head to Destin FL Parasailing for more info.
parasailing info in destin

Beach Photography

Capture memories that last forever with beach photography tours in Destin, FL. Check out Photography in Destin FL for more info.
beach photography in destin

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Visit Crab Island, cruise the Destin Harbor, or float for hours in the middle of the bay aboard your very own Pontoon Boat. Head to Destin Pontoon Rentals for rates, photos, reviews and more!